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Announcing the new SUCCEED (SUpporting Careers and Cultivating Excellence, Engagement, and Diversity) Grant to help meet career-relevant needs of tenure-track and tenured faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.


The SUCCEED (Supporting Careers and Cultivating Excellence, Engagement, and Diversity) Grant was created to help tenure-track and tenured faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences meet career needs, if meeting those needs will reflect ADVANCE’s mission of enhancing the climate for and the success of a diverse faculty. The SUCCEED Grant is an adaptation and expansion of the former Summer Writing Grant (SWG) and Faculty Leadership in Professional Societies (FLiPS) Grant. Funds of no more than $10,000 may be requested, depending on the scope of the project.

Faculty applicants may consider whether the activities funded through this mechanism could provide them with support to offset COVID-related work disruptions. Please note that applications will be evaluated with respect to any spending and travel restrictions in place at the time of submission. The 2021 SUCCEED Grant application cycle is now closed; the call is available here.

SUCCEED Recipients

2021-22 SUCCEED Recipients

2022 SUCCEED Faculty Grant Recipients

  • Samer Ali – LSA, Middle East Studies
  • Adriene Beltz – LSA, Psychology
  • Fernanda Lima Cross – Social Work
  • Gabriela Cruz – Music, Theatre & Dance, Music
  • Jaclynn Hawkins – Social Work
  • Murad Idris – LSA,  Political Science
  • Raevin Jimenez – LSA, History
  • Charlotte Karem Albrecht – LSA, American Culture & Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Barbara Koremenos – LSA, Political Science
  • Heidi Kumao – Art & Design
  • Ashley Lacombe-Duncan – Social Work
  • Alaina Lemon – LSA, Anthropology
  • Victor Román Mendoza – LSA, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Kelly Murdoch-Kitt – Art & Design
  • Cyrus Peñarroyo – Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Niloofar Sarlati – LSA, Comparative Literature
  • Natalie Tronson – LSA, Psychology
  • Mariah Zeisberg – LSA, Political Science
2020-21 SUCCEED Recipients
  • Charli Brissey, Music, Theater, and Dance
  • William Calvo-Quiros, American Culture, LSA
  • Amy Chavasse, Music, Theater, and Dance
  • Odessa Gonzalez Benson, Social Work
  • Nicholas Henriksen, Romance Languages & Literature, LSA
  • Holly Hughes, Art and Design
  • Annette Joseph-Gabriel, Romance Languages & Literature, LSA
  • Nancy Kahil, American Culture, LSA
  • Joy Knoblauch, TCAUP
  • Petra Kuppers, English, LSA
  • Christi Merrill, Comparative Literature, LSA
  • Susan Najita, English, LSA
  • Janet Richards, Middle East Studies, LSA
  • Magdalena Zabrowska, American Culture, LSA
2019-20 SUCCEED Recipients
  • Sophia Brueckner, Art and Design
  • Lorraine Gutierrez, Psychology, LSA
  • Carol Jacobsen, Art and Design
  • Ishani Maitra, Philosophy, LSA
  • Sarah Murray, Film, TV, Media and Digital Studies Institute, LSA
  • Sun Young Park, Art and Design
  • Megan Sapnar Ankerson, Communication and Media, LSA
2018-19 SUCCEED Recipients
  • Samer Ali, Middle East Studies, LSA
  • Naomi Andre, Women’s Studies, LSA
  • Sophia Brueckner, Art and Design
  • Edward Chang, Psychology, LSA
  • Clare Croft, Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Guarav Desai, English Language and Literature, LSA
  • Harley Etienne, Architecture; Ebbin Dotson, Public Health; William Calvo-Quirós, American Culture, LSA; Jose Casas, Music, Theatre & Dance; Myles Durkee, Psychology, LSA; Kevin Jones, Medical School; Jason Young, History, LSA
  • Bethany Hughes, American Culture, LSA
  • Shanna Kattari, Social Work; Ashley Lacombe-Duncan, Social Work
  • Inderjit Kaur, Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Joy Knoblauch, Architecture
  • Diana Louis, Women’s Studies, LSA
  • Massy Mutumba, Nursing
  • Mara Ostfeld, Political Science, LSA
  • Ana Sabau, Romance Languages and Literatures, LSA
  • Katie Schultz, Social Work; Sandra Momper, Social Work; Abigail Eiler, Social Work
  • Omar Sosa-Tzec, Art and Design
  • Camille Wilson, Education
  • Mariah Zeisberg, Political Science, LSA

Summer Writing Grant* Spotlight

My ADVANCE Summer Writing Grant* has been enormously helpful in bringing my first fiction book out into the world: Ice Bar (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018). I usually work on my creative writing alone, but the summer grant meant that I had the opportunity to take a summer course and work in an online workshop environment, responding to draft deadlines, and getting valuable feedback on my short stories from a group of peers. In addition to craft matters, I also learned a lot from observing the categories of success and assessment practices employed by my workshop fellows. These insights were particularly helpful to me as someone who writes on as well as about the edges of literary and speculative genre worlds. My pedagogical observations of the workshop environment did not only influence the development of my short story collection, but also informed the work I engage in around writing communities and the development of contemporary genre spaces. So, as a surprise bonus from the opportunity to engage in an ADVANCE-funded structured workshop environment for genre writers, I was able to use my insights to develop an article on Creative Writing, Horror, and Disability, forthcoming in the Routledge Companion to Literature and Disability.

Petra Kuppers headshotPetra Kuppers, Summer Writing Grant recipient 2016-17
English Language and Literature,
Women’s Studies,
Art, and Theater and Drama

Petra Kuppers Book: Ice Bar. The cover is a blue eye with figures beneath.

*The SUCCEED Grant is an adaptation and expansion of the former Summer Writing Grant (SWG) and Faculty Leadership in Professional Societies (FLiPS) Grant. Former accounts of SWG and FLiPS awardees demonstrate potential uses of the SUCCEED Grant, but endeavors are not limited to these examples

My two summer writing fellowships from ADVANCE enabled me to hire an excellent editor to format and proof-read my book’s chapter drafts. She was a wonderful first reader and interlocutor; I have been working with her on all my major publication projects ever since. One of the ADVANCE fellowships covered the cost of my son’s overnight camp, so I could focus on my writing completely for two uninterrupted weeks, during which I made the most progress on the core of the manuscript. In addition to enabling the completion of my book in a timely manner, ADVANCE boosted my self-confidence concerning my writing and research. It freed me to embrace my work and to honor my body’s needs for rest and parenting.

Magdalena Zaborowska headshotMagdalena Zaborowska, Summer Writing Grant recipient 2017-18
American Culture,
Afroamerican and African Studies

Zaborowska's book: Me and My House - James Baldwin's Last Decade in France. The cover has James Baldwin waving and a room in a house.

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