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Our Committees

ADVANCE Steering Committee

The ADVANCE Steering Committee is charged with providing overall direction, priority setting, and guidance for development of new initiatives, research, and programming. The current members include:

  • Denise Sekaquaptewa (ADVANCE Director, Psychology, LSA)
  • Sara Blair (Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs)
  • Steve Ceccio (Interim Dean of Engineering)
  • Anne Curzan (Dean of Literature, Science, and the Arts)
  • David Gier (Dean of Music, Theatre, and Dance)
  • Mike Liemohn (ADVANCE Associate Director, CLASP, CoE)
  • Lori Pierce (Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs)
  • Michael Solomon (Dean of Rackham)
ADVANCE Advisory Board

The ADVANCE Advisory Board consists of faculty members who have served lengthy terms on the STRIDE or RISE Committees. The central purpose of the ADVANCE Advisory Board is to provide advice and guidance to the U-M ADVANCE Director on emerging programmatic initiatives. The current members include:

  • Todd Austin (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Edwin (Ted) Bergin (Astronomy)
  • Tom Braun (Biostatistics)
  • Lilia Cortina (Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Gary Huffnagle (Internal Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Jennifer Linderman (Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering)
  • Karin Martin (Sociology)
  • Tim McKay (Physics)
  • Beth Moore (Internal Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Marc Peters-Golden (Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care)
  • Kenneth Powell (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Sara Pozzi (Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences)
  • Deborah Rivas-Drake (Psychology, Education)
  • Laura Ruetsche (Philosophy)
  • Isis Settles (Psychology, Afroamerican and African Studies)
  • Steve Skerlos (Mechanical Engineering & Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Katherine Spindler (Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Gretchen Spreitzer (Business)
  • John Vandermeer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
  • Divakar Viswanath (Mathematics)
Research and Evaluation Advisory Board

The evaluation advisory committee consults on major research initiatives undertaken by the ADVANCE Program and is available to consult about evaluation and data analysis strategies. The current members include:

  • Robert Adams (Architecture & Urban Planning, Art & Design)
  • Elizabeth Armstrong (Sociology, Women & Gender Studies)
  • Myles Durkee (Psychology)
  • Ben Hansen (Statistics)
  • Andrew Marshall (Anthropology)
  • Tony Mora (American Culture, History)
  • Debbie Rivas-Drake (Psychology, Education)
  • Isis Settles (Psychology, Afroamerican and African Studies)
Medical School Advisory Committee

The Advisory Board for ADVANCE in the Medical School aims to: identify the highest priority issues affecting women and other groups within the Medical School; represent ADVANCE to the Medical School; and provide advice on particular programs that should be developed for the specific Medical School context.

  • Denise Sekaquaptewa (ADVANCE Director, Psychology, LSA)
  • David Brown (Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion)
  • Julie Bynum (Geriatric and Palliative Medicine)
  • John Del Valle (Internal Medicine)
  • Laura Denton (Faculty Affairs)
  • Dee Fenner (Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology)
  • Cindy Hsu (Emergency Medicine)
  • Ella Kazerooni (Radiology)
  • Eve Kerr (Internal Medicine)
  • Beth Moore (Internal Medicine, Microbiology & Immuology)
  • Laurel Moore (Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery)
  • Erika Newman (Surgery)
  • Lori Pierce (Radiation Oncology, Provost’s Office)
  • Aruna Sarma (Urology, Epidemiology, Dean’s Office)
  • Richard Simon (Internal Medicine)
  • Durga Singer (Pediatrics)
  • Janet Smith (Biological Chemistry)
  • Dana Telem (Surgery)
  • Brian Zink (Emergency Medicine, Dean’s Office)
Respect in Striving for Excellence (RISE) Committee

The RISE Committee is a small group of PhD-level faculty and staff who read and brainstorm about ways to enhance the workplace climate at the University of Michigan.

  • Denise Sekaquaptewa (ADVANCE Director, Psychology, LSA)
  • Sara Armstrong (Director, CRLT Theatre Program)
  • Eric Bell (Astronomy)
  • Lilia Cortina (Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Vincent Hutchings (Political Science)
  • Carolyn Kuranz (Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering)
  • Yeşim Orhun (Business Administration, Information)
  • Robin Queen (Linguistics, English Language and Literatures, Germanic Languages and Literatures)
  • Chris Torres (Education)
  • Kelsey Arras (ADVANCE Staff)
Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Committee

The STRIDE Committee provides information and advice about practices that will maximize the likelihood that diverse, well-qualified candidates for faculty positions will be identified, and, if selected for offers, recruited, retained, and promoted at the University of Michigan.

  • Denise Sekaquaptewa (ADVANCE Director, Psychology, LSA)
  • Samer Ali (Middle East Studies, Islamic Studies, Comparative Literature)
  • Germine “Gigi” Awad (Psychology)
  • Bart Bartlett (Chemistry)
  • Sarah Burgard (Sociology, Epidemiology and Public Health)
  • Amy Hughes (Theater & Drama)
  • Mike Liemohn (Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering)
  • Anthony Mora (American Culture, Program in Latina/o Studies)
  • Pat Schloss (Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Priti Shah (Psychology, Information, Education)
  • Kristen Verhey (Cell and Developmental Biology)
  • Jamie Saville (ADVANCE Staff)

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