ADVANCE Faculty Summer Writing Grants Program

The ADVANCE Faculty Summer Writing Grants Program provides faculty with appointments on the tenure track with a grant of up to $1500. Support may be requested for: editorial help, a writing coach, or costs associated with a writing group (including a writing retreat or writing boot camp). Priority will be given to requests for book projects, requests made by junior faculty, and requests made by faculty who have not already received an ADVANCE Faculty Summer Writing Grant. All applications will be considered, though applicants in their first year must make a strong case for why the request cannot be covered by start-up research funds.

In addition, a dependent travel care supplement of up to $1500 may be requested, if the proposed writing project involves travel, and that travel creates dependent care expenses above and beyond normal dependent care expenses (e.g., overnight nanny, hotel babysitter, travel expenses for a care-provider to stay with the child).

Summer Writing Grant Recipients

Year 2017
Ellie Abrons, Architecture
Paulina Alberto, History and Romance Languages and Literatures
Allison Alexy, Asian Languages and Cultures
Maya Barzilai, Near Eastern Studies and Judaic Studies
William Calvo-Quiros, American Culture
Gabriela Cruz, Musicology
Adam Fure, Architecture
William Glover, History
Áine Heneghan, Music Theory
Charlotte Karem Albrecht, American Culture and Women's Studies
Joy Knoblauch, Architecture
Petra Kuppers, English
Madhumita Lahiri, English
Silvia Lindtner, Information
Diana Louis, Women's Studies
Robert Mickey, Political Science
Meredith Miller, Architecture
Candace Moore, Screen Arts and Cultures and Women's Studies
Thomas Moran, Architecture
Sarah Moss, Philosophy
Ellen Muehlberger, Near Eastern Studies and History
Sheila Murphy, Screen Arts and Cultures
Sun Young Park, Art & Design
Ava Purkiss, Women's Studies and American Culture
Megan Sapnar Ankerson, Communication Studies
Stephanie Tharp, Art & Design
Antoine Traisnel, English and Comparative Literature
Claire Vaye Watkins, English
Anna Watkins Fisher, American Culture and Residential College
Magdalena Zaborowska, American Culture and Afroamerican and African Studies

Year 2016
Ellie Abrons, Architecture
Samer Mahdy Ali, Near Eastern Studies
Irina Aristarkhova, Art & Design
Gavin Arnall, Romance Languages and Literatures
Giorgio Bertellini, Screen Arts and Cultures
William A. Calvo-Quiros, American Culture (Latina/o Studies)
Amy Sara Carroll, American Culture (Latina/o Studies) and English
Clare Croft, Dance
Gabriela Cruz, Musicology
Deirdre de la Cruz, Asian Languages and Cultures and History
Mark Dincecco, Political Science
Harley F. Etienne, Urban and Regional Planning
Adam Fure, Architecture
Reighan Gillam, Communication Studies and Afroamerican and African Studies
Sandra Gunning, Afroamerican and African Studies and American Culture
Áine Heneghan, Music Theory
Shazia Iftkhar, Communication Studies
Joan Kee, History of Art
Kathleen Kelly, Music
Mikhail Krutikov, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Petra Kuppers, English
Yasamin Kusunoki, Systems, Populations and Leadership
Michael Lempert, Anthropology
Amanda Lotz, Communicaton Studies and Screen Arts and Cultures
Rebekah Modrak, Art & Design
Sarah Moss, Philosophy
Alexandra Murphy, Sociology
Rachel Neis, History and Judaic Studies
Cathlyn (Catie) Newell, Architecture
Maire Sile O'Modhrain, School of Information
Benjamin Paloff, Comparative Literature and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Sun Young Park, Art & Design
Nansook Park, Psychology
Ana Paula Pimentel Walker, Urban Planning
Ana Sabau, Romance Languages and Literatures
Donald Sells, Classical Studies
Anya Sirota, Architecture
Scott Stonington, Anthropology
Ruby C. Tapia, English and Women's Studies
Antoine Traisnel, Comparative Literature and English
E.J. Westlake, Theatre & Drama and English
Magdalena Zaborowska, American Culture and Afroamerican and African Studies

Year 2015
Paulina Alberto, History and Romance Languages and Literatures
Evelyn Alsultany, American Culture
Adam Ashforth, Afroamerican and African Studies
Catherine Brown, Comparative Literature and Residential College
Sueann Caulfield, History
John Cheney-Lippold, American Culture
Hakki Cipa, Near Eastern Studies
Hussein Fancy, History
Sandra Gunning, American Culture and Afroamerican and African Studies
Nicholas Henriksen, Romance Languages and Literatures
Brandi Hughes, American Culture and History
Shazia Iftkhar, Communication Studies
Carol Jacobsen, Art & Design
Petra Kuppers, English
Michelle McClellan, History and Residential College
Lisa Nakamura, American Culture
Gayle Rubin, Anthropology and Women's Studies
Xiomara Santamarina, English and AfroAmerican and African Studies
Magdalena Zaborowska, American Culture and Afroamerican and African Studies
Wang Zheng, Women's Studies

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