STRIDE: Committee on Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence

The STRIDE Committee provides information and advice about practices that will maximize the likelihood that diverse, well-qualified candidates for faculty positions will be identified, and, if selected for offers, recruited, retained, and promoted at the University of Michigan. The committee leads workshops for faculty and administrators involved in hiring. It also works with departments by meeting with chairs, faculty search committees, and other department members involved with recruitment and retention.

Please contact to learn more about STRIDE and to discuss schedule availability and fees for off campus workshops.

STRIDE Committee Members
Faculty Recruitment Resources
  • STRIDE Faculty Recruitment Workshop Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation is designed to provide workshop attendees both with background information and concrete advice about practices that make searches more successful (in producing diverse candidate pools and hiring the candidates you want to attract).
  • Candidate Evaluation Tool
  • Applicant Evaluation Tool
  • What Can We Do? Ten Best Practices
  • Frequently-Asked Questions: Dual Career Issues
  • Frequently-Asked Questions: Retention of Science and Engineering Faculty who are Women and/or Members of Racial/Ethnic Minorities
  • Giving and Getting Career Advice: A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty
  • Guidelines for Writing Letters of Recommendation
  • Handbook for Faculty Searches and Hiring
  • How to Help New Faculty Settle In: Common Problems and Alternative Solutions
  • Positive and Problematic Practices in Faculty Recruitment
  • STRIDE Faculty Recruitment Workshop Reading List
  • STRIDE Reading List Fall 2016
Additional Resources

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