Our Leadership Team & Staff

Leadership Team

  • Jennifer Linderman, Director
  • Janet Malley, Director of Research and Evaluation
  • Lilia Cortina, Director of ADVANCE for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • Cynthia Hudgins, Associate Director for Administration


  • Wendy Ascione-Juska, Event Manager
  • Shawn Beard, Research Associate
  • Susan Burke, Event Manager
  • Anne Cope, Administative Assistant
  • Joanna Frye, Senior Research and Evaluation Manager
  • Holly Kilbourn, Research and Evaluation Manager
  • Chidimma Ozor, Research and Evaluation Manager
  • Michelle Pham, Assistant Program Manager
  • Jamie Saville, Project Manager
  • Elizabeth Starke, Research and Evaluation Manager

Contact Information

734.647.9359, phone
734.647.6112, fax

Jennifer Linderman, Director (linderma[AT]umich[DOT]edu)

Mailing Address:
ADVANCE Program at the University of Michigan
1214 S. University Avenue
2nd Floor, Suite C - Galleria Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2592

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