ADVANCE Faculty Networks

Network to Advance Faculty of Color

The Network to Advance Faculty of Color, which is composed of tenure track faculty across disciplines, is a collaboration between the Office of the Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion and Academic Affairs and the ADVANCE Program. The Network was created in the hope that opportunities to meet and share experiences would be valuable. The Network meets several times each year, providing faculty of color with opportunities to get to know one another and define institutional goals.


Winter Dinner-February 1, 2017
Graduate students of color joined faculty of color to network and share experiences

Workshop-Solo Success: How to Thrive in the Academy When You’re the Only____ in Your Department-October 14, 2016
Participants learned to identify common challenges under-represented faculty face on the tenure track and specific strategies for increasing productivity, serving strategically, teaching efficiently, and building strong and healthy professional relationships.

Fall Dinner-September 14, 2016
Dinner featured a faculty panel made up of senior faculty of color who shared some of their experiences and insights of being a faculty member at U-M.


The Network to Advance Women Faculty in the Medical School, which is composed of faculty with appointments at the assistant, associate, and full ranks on the regular instructional, primary research, and regular clinical tracks, meets several times each year. In collaboration with the Medical School Office of Faculty Affairs & Faculty Development, the Network provides women faculty in the Medical School with opportunities to get to know one another through bi-annual book discussions and also career development events.

Network to Advance Women Scientists and Engineers

The Network to Advance Women Scientists and Engineers, which is composed of tenure track faculty in science and engineering across the entire campus, meets several times each year to interact, to talk about issues the members have in common, and to develop plans for the future. Since its creation in 2002, a number of ADVANCE activities - many of the leadership development activities, the mentoring initiatives, the annual report to the campus about our progress - have emerged from the Network discussions. The Network provides women faculty in science and engineering with opportunities to define collective goals and to get to know one another.


WINTER LUNCH-January 24, 2017
Professor Elizabeth Armstrong, a sociology and organizational studies professor at U-M, discussed the implications of her book, Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality (Harvard University Press 2013), From her study of undergraduate women at a Midwest university, she observes how few of the women in the study majored in STEM fields. She places this in the larger context of gender and major choice in the U.S., particularly on sociological scholarship on people who "indulge their gendered selves" when choosing majors.

BOOK DISCUSSION (Forget a Mentor) Find a Sponsor: The New Way to Fast-Track Your Career (Sylvia Ann Hewlett)-December 5, 2016
Participants discussed how sponsors can be effective in career development for women.

FALL DINNER-September 22, 2016
Faculty met for a dinner at the Botanical Gardens to network and receive updates on ADVANCE initiatives.

Single Faculty Network

According to many faculty who arrive in Ann Arbor single, or who become single while here, it can be challenging to develop and maintain an active network of friends and people with interests in common. The ADVANCE Program has been working with a small group of faculty to develop a voluntary Single Faculty Network. This network is purely social, and provides an opportunity for single faculty to meet other single faculty who may share interests in a low-key setting. The aim is to make Ann Arbor a more welcoming and inclusive community to this group of faculty who sometimes feel vastly outnumbered by their partnered colleagues.


Single Faculty Reception-October 25, 2016
Single faculty were invited to a reception at the Kelsey Museum, where they enjoyed drinks and appetizers in a relaxed and casual setting. They also had the opportunity to visit the exhibits after-hours at the museum.

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