LIFT: Leadership and Integration at Faculty Transitions

The LIFT program facilitates the success, empowerment, and satisfaction of individual faculty, while enabling and informing their contributions as leaders to the departments, disciplines, and other institutional structures that define the academic community. The program includes two seminars offered to new associate or new full professors.

These day-long LIFT seminars are designed to support newly promoted faculty as they navigate the changes which come with promotion to associate or full professor. The seminars were designed with support from the Provost as well as the Deans of LSA and Engineering who saw the need to clarify and support the subtle and significant changes that occur through tenure and promotion - changes that are often taken for granted or learned only in the trenches, but which have a profound effect on the success and satisfaction of the individual faculty member, as well as the communities and institutions that she or he calls home. Faculty Advisors bring the depth and diversity of their experience to this program. Representatives from upper administration speak to the core values and goals of academia. Interactions with peers and colleagues deepen the discussion and consideration of the impact of these faculty transitions.

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