Good Practices Involving Faculty Hiring, Mentoring, Evaluation Processes, and Climate

Creating a Positive Departmental Climate: Principles for Best Practices
Important general principles of effective leadership

Faculty Awards and Leadership Guidelines
This resource details both the principles of an unbiased awards process and specific committee practices to employ for successful outcomes. It encourages the consideration of creative, entrepreneurial, and outreach activities in faculty evaluations and awards and provides several concrete examples of those areas outside of traditional scholarship that enhance conventional measures.

Faculty Annual Review Guidelines
Compiled by your colleagues, these guidelines derive from the current literature as well as first-hand experience and are presented as those principles specific to the process and practices identified as essential for consistent and fair annual reviews.

Faculty Annual Review Form Template *
This sample template for an annual review reporting form, was developed by the Faculty Evaluation and Development Committee in 2004. It can be modified to suit the needs of different fields.

Third Year, Tenure, and Promotion Review Guidelines
The guidelines for this critical review process were identified by the STRIDE and FASTER committees and are presented as essential principles and practices. Designed to ensure consistency among reviewers, the guidelines cover establishing and communicating evaluation criteria, as well as the transparency and accountability inherent in the process. Issues pertaining to letters are also covered in depth.

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